The Best Dart Cases and Wallet of 2022

Professionals/enthusiasts dart players never ever make the mistake of keeping darts and accessories here and there as they tend to lose or damage.

Even, if I had to choose just a single thing that can keep all of them well-protected and secured, I’d love to invest some pence on the best dart cases!

Not only for keeping them safe or secure but also a dart case comes in handy in terms of holding around every little dart of different shapes and sizes. So if you spend on a top-notch dart case, both storing and carrying them will appear to be a walk in the park to you; completely hassle-free!

Choosing the best dart cases was quite a hectic job for me as I had to research 32+ hours, read countless customer reviews, and test tons of different darts to get familiar with their quality. Afterward, I’ve ended up with these 8 super-hot cases, which is what I’m going to show you today. 

The Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case is by far the best dart case. Thanks to its ergonomic gripping area, durable aluminum shell, extended capacity, and lightweight body.

The 8 Best Dart Cases and Wallet of 2022

Most professional dart players travel a lot. So a dart case that serves the best benefits even while traveling or practicing is all they want. Let’s have a look at the top 8 best dart cases and wallets of 2022:

1. Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case

From durable shell to ergonomically designed handle to additional storage, this aluminum dart case from Casemaster has got everything to make a place on your “top-priority” list. It’s worth spending on this high-quality case as you’re allowed to store all of your darts together, and that too in an organized way!

Extended Storage:

The very first thing that makes it stand out from the crowd is its extra storage space. With the assistance of it, you can hold 3 complete sets along with 9 darts at once.

Moreover, this wonderful dart case offers additional 12 pockets, 2 storage tubes (large), 10 tiny pockets, and a large-sized pocket to store something bigger.

Premium Build Quality:

Trust me, you’ll love how the manufacturer has made it using top-notch aluminum material. Unlike the typical dart cases/wallets, it’s 2x more durable!

Lightweight and Easy to Carry:

Weighing only around 1.65lbs, you’ll feel much comfortable holding the case, even after for too long!

The credit goes to its lightweight structure with a perfect blend of ergonomic handle. Note that the gripping area isn’t comfortable but sturdier as well.

Provides Protection:

Thinking of the safety and protection, the maker didn’t forget to add plastic compartments additionally, offering enhanced protection in terms of storing tinier objects like soft tips.




If you can count some extra more pence to buy a dart case that has extended storage, durable frame, and lightweight frame, I’d strongly suggest relying on the Casemaster Legion without any worries!

2. Casemaster Ternion Aluminum Dart Carrying Case

Casemaster Ternion Aluminum Dart Carrying Case

Do you think the previous one is a bit steep and at the same time too big for you? If yes, I’d say the Casemaster Ternion Aluminum Dart Carrying Case is what you should get. Compared to my previous choice, this one has relatively less yet sufficient space, and the range of price is a little lower as well.

Sturdy Aluminum Shell:

The case master Ternion has a similarity when it comes to the build quality as it also gets a top-quality aluminum shell to offer as much strength and durability as required.

Quite Lightweight for Easy Operation:

Luckily, Casemaster Ternior has got you covered with its 1.0lbs weight along with ergonomic gripping area!

Many of us take dart cases while attending outdoor activities or straight to the competition. In that case, the wallet should be light in weight for which you can hold hours and hours without any discomfort!

Adequate Storage:

Although Casemaster Ternior is a bit smaller in size compared to my previous choice, still it can meet your needs by giving you 3 tiny pockets, 6 flight pockets, 9 dart pockets, and a large card pocket.

Furthermore, you’ll also find extra spaces to store your single-piece storage tube and other things related to shafts and accessories.

Added Plastic Compartment

To give you a well-protected space for keeping soft tips, the maker has added an extra plastic compartment. Here, you can also keep your other soft things stored, making it ideal for those who are occasional dirtboard players.




For those who prefer a compact, easy-to-carry, and durable dart case to use for an extended period, choosing the Casemaster Ternion won’t be a bad idea at all!

3. Casemaster Sole Aluminum Slim Profile Dart Case

Casemaster Sole Aluminum Dart Case

Let me show you a pocket-friendly dart case from Casemaster known for its slim design, extremely lightweight structure, and reasonable price range to meet your budget. Let’s have a look at some of its striking features.

Slim Profile

The stand-out feature of this compact dart case is its slim design, making it ideal to store anywhere you want, from your pocket to your backpack!

Despite being quite slim, it gives you a total of 8 light pockets, 3 dart pockets, a large-sized card pocket, and extra more space for keeping tips/shafts stored. Impressive, eh?

Budget-Friendly Range

Many of us find it incorrect in terms of spending a fortune on buying the best dart case. If you’re one of them, then you’re pretty lucky as the Casemaster Sole Aluminum Dart Case lets you buy it without spending a pretty penny, thankfully!

Light in Weight

Due to the slim and pocket-friendly design, you’ll find its weight only about 0.64lbs.

As a result, you won’t feel anything bulkier or weighty even after holding this case for too long on your pocket or purse. 

Built-in Locking Foam

Unlike the mainstreams, this slim dart case features a solid foam coming in an insert lock system.

With its assistance, the case plays a key role in keeping your dart secured for which they stay out of the issues with jostling around inside. 




Budget-friendly, compact, lightweight, you name it; the Casemaster Sole Aluminum Dart Case also features an effective locking system, keeping your dart 100% secure inside!

4.Casemaster The Pro Leatherette Dart Case

The expanded storage capacity of Casemaster The Pro Leatherette Dart Case features 28 storage methods and it has made all the difference. It contains fifteen pockets for flights, four accessory tubes, and nine slots for darts. So, it offers ample storage for long darts and wider flights.

Steadfast Leatherette Fabric

Its interior integrates tough steadfast leatherette fabric so that the gears, especially the flights do not crush easily during heavy knocks. Also, the fabric has a coating of hard resin to make the interior more durable and protect the gears.

15 Deep Pockets

The case has come up with 15 spacious pockets to hold fifteen different flights. So, the flights are less likely to crash. And because of the pockets, you will never be without replacements of flights while practicing. Also, these are suitable to keep other game accessories too.


Its lightweight yet strength-enduring material or fabric makes it easy to carry around. Also, as its design is of a briefcase, it features a handle to provide a strong grip while carrying it during traveling.

Lock Foam

The interior contains few locks or solid foams so that the darts do not break. The foams prevent dart movement and keep the darts tightly secured in one place. And the foams do not wear out even after heavy use.





This dart case is perfectly suitable for storing ample varieties of dart gears in one place.  Also, it is easy to customize or adjust the toolsets according to your choice.

5. Target Darts Galaxy Aluminium Case

Target Darts Galaxy Aluminium Case

Target Darts Galaxy Aluminium Case is way ahead of its contemporaries in terms of its weight and pressure resistance quality. Because it is made off of aluminum. Its quality is so high-tech that the case is sustainable even under heavy weight, scratch, or pressure. 

Sleek Design

Its shining aluminum body makes it look modern and sleek so it is a great fit for designed concerned dart players. Also, it has a beautiful logo engraved on the surface which makes it stand out from other dart case exteriors. 

High-Class Aluminum

The aluminum body gives it an advantage over other cases in terms of reliability. It is suitable to carry around even with other travel accessories as it will not bend or get scratches easily if it is kept under pressure. Also, it’s moisture-proof.

Large Storage Department

It excels in its storage capacity as it can hold one complete set of darts, two sets of shafts, and four sets of dart flights. And the compartments are moderately far from each other so that no overlap can possibly come into play.

Hidden Magnetic Locks

To ensure the utmost security to the gears, it is integrated with magnetic locks instead of a zipper. The zip keys can break after heavy use, unlike magnetic locks. The locks are strong so they do not open up unexpectedly.





Target Darts Galaxy Aluminium Case is suitable for rough use because of its high-end build material and scratch-resistant ability. So, it will provide sustainable performance for players who are in a continuous tournament.

6. Casemaster Sentinel EVA Foam Shell Dart Case

Casemaster Sentinel EVA Foam Shell Dart Case

The Casemaster Sentinel EVA Foam Shell Dart Case is a variant of the previous Target Tacoma wallet but it is different in terms of its foam. Its EVA shell foam is believed to provide more rigidity to the surface of the dart case. And it also provides protection to the darts.

Pretty Spacious

The dart case is compact but still, it is spacious enough to hold up to two sets of darts. And it has six storage pockets in case anyone wants to store the dart flights separately. Also, the pockets are suitable to store other small accessories you might need while playing. 

Velvet Layer

It features a velvet inside layer so that the interior can feel soft to the touch. And the plus side is, this layer acts as scratch resistance. So, the dart tips are less likely to damage the surface if anyhow they get to slide from the elastic straps.

Large Zip Pocket

Behind the storage pockets, it has a large zip pocket that is deeper and lengthy in dimension. So, this pocket is suitable to keep any soft cloth and toothbrush that can come in handy to clean grease and dirt from the darts. 

Easy Access

The pockets and slots are in the ideal distance so that the other tips or flights do not poke you while taking out any stuff or dart. And because of the distance, they are less likely to overlap with each other which provides easy access to the items.




The Casemaster Sentinel EVA Foam Shell Dart Case is ideal for the players that want to carry the maintenance stuff along with the darts in one case. And its interior makes it a good fit for more than one set of darts.

7. Casemaster Warden Dart Case for Steel and Soft Tip Darts

The revolutionary outer sell technology of the Casemaster Warden Dart Case makes it different from other shells. The rigid Tactech textured outer shell features molded ridges to give it a strong grip on any surface. So, its drop rate is likely lower than others.

Elastic Band

Its interior is quite useful to store your darts as it integrates an elastic band. The band helps to keep all your darts tight and secured at a place until game time. The tips do not slide to the bottom and damage the foam because of the band.

Extra Grip

Its textured outer shell provides an extra grip on this case. Its backside has ridges so that against the slippery surfaces it can get enhanced traction to prevent it from falling, sliding, or dropping. Also, it gives strong traction against sweaty hands as well. 

Smooth Zipper

The smooth and glide zipper hardly stuck while opening or closing the case. Because its interior fabric or foams are so tightly done and secured that they do not get caught in the teeth of the zipper. So, the zipper hardly breaks.

Form-Fitting Slots

Its interior has some fitting slots so that the darts do not collide with each other. Without fitting slots, the tips of other darts may damage the flights of others. And the slots help to keep the darts integrated without any damage.





With its clever interior design, the Casemaster Warden Dart Case provides quality performance at such an affordable price. Also, it offers enhanced grip and solid protection. And its foam and interior fabric are durable.

8. Shot! Darts Insignia Dart Case-Darts Wallet

Shot! Darts Insignia Dart Case-Darts Wallet

Shot! Darts Insignia Dart Case-Darts Wallet has upped its game in terms of the material. Unlike its competitors, it does not use nylon or plastic as the case material.  Rather, it integrates soft and bendable leather material which makes it sleek and durable.

Faux Leather

It is made of faux leather which feels smooth to the touch. And this material is water-resistant. The leather integrates brown and choco detailing on its body. So, if you want a dart case with a unique look, it is the one.


It is user-friendly because it is spacious enough to store both soft and steel tip darts and spare accessories. Also, it has separate shaft and caddie holders so that the stored darts do not collide with each other. The holders keep the darts ready to play.


As its material is waterproof, this case is easier to travel with against rain or sweat. The material will not wear out quickly. Also, it weighs only 1 lbs so it will not add extra weight to your travel accessories. And it has a carabiner so that you can attach it to your waist or belt while traveling.

Compact in Size

Just because it has room for playing cards, drafts, and other accessories it is not much larger in dimensions. It comes with a 7.32 x 3.46 x 2.13 inches package dimension so that it can be compact in size.




Shot! Darts Insignia Dart Case-Darts Wallet is kind of small-sized yet spacious enough to hold darts and small accessories together. Also, the faux leather material makes it sleek and smooth, which is water-resistant as well.

Best Dart Cases - Buyer's Guide:

Whether you play dart as a hobby or professionally, you need a dart case that assembles all your accessories and looks sleek at the same time. But before you spend your hard-earned money on a dart case, read this buying guide carefully.

So, which dart case will work best for you, depending on your needs and priorities? Well, let’s discuss the factors you must look for while buying the best dart cases.


You can pick a premium quality metal case or an approachable aluminum case. Or, you can shift your focus entirely by choosing an affordable plastic dart case.

Metal: it gives the most sophisticated look. If you travel a lot and need something sturdy enough to protect the darts against wear and tear or getting lost, this one is the best option.

However, aluminum cases provide enough durability and sturdiness but at a cheaper price. The Casemaster Ternion Aluminum Dart Carrying Case is an aluminum case that fits 9 darts both steel tips and soft tips.

Nylon: Many people choose nylon cases for their compactness and lightweight. It is simply looking and costs significantly less.

Plastic: Plastic cases are not for professional darters. It keeps your dart accessories collected and that’s it. But unfortunately, this can get damaged easily if you travel quite often.


Storage is a big factor if you are frequently traveling with your darts. In such a case, you need to pack different sets of darts along with other dart accessories. It is important that the case has space for fully assembled darts with open flights.

The flights must not be bent while putting inside the slots. You will be tension-free with a Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case. Apart from having enough dart slots, it comes with 12 pockets and a designated pocket for cards and money.


If you play darts just as a pastime, you might not want to buy a sophisticated and pricey case. You see, an aluminum dart case will be higher in price than a plastic one. In case you’re tight on cash, I’d recommend you go for the Casemaster Sentinel EVA Foam Shell Dart Case.

It’s an affordable case with rigid foam outer shells. The design looks professional. Plus, you can easily fit six darts here both soft tips and steel tips, thankfully.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Whether you’re a hobbyist dirt player or a seasoned, having a specific dart case is always beneficial as you get the chance to keep all of your darts stored in a specific place. Thus, they stay in good condition for an extended period, and you also get the opportunity to hold transfer them safely from one place to another.

Professionals tend to rely on the brand “Casemaster” for its extended longevity along with improved build quality The former professional dart player “Phil Taylor” liked and used the cases of Casemaster more often.

According to the majority of expert dart players, Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case is overall the best choice for professionals or seasoned players.

Note: Feel free to click here to see what a professional dart case may contain.

Final Verdict!

Without having the right dart case/wallet, there is no chance to keep things stored, especially the accessories related to dart tips, barrels, large cards, and so forth. Luckily, I’ve made this comprehensive list of the best dart cases to help you decide which meets your needs and overall budgets most.

Still confused? Make sure to rely on the Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case, which is the front-runner for its large capacity, aluminum build quality, and lightweight design.

Casemaster Ternion is the runner-up on this list for its stylish design and added plastic compartment, where you can store soft tips safely.

But if you have space issues or you’re looking for a compact design, choosing the Casemaster Sole Aluminum Dart Case won’t be a bad decision at all. So right now, the ball is in your court!