Best Electronic Dartboards 2021 – Evolution of Traditional Dart boards

Electronic dartboards are the best choice for introducing beginners to the game. These are safe for children, easy to handle, and have less bounce out compared to regular bristle dartboards. They offer enough performance to temp professional players, especially with the co-op features. I suppose that is why you are here to look for the best electronic dartboards.

The electronic dartboard consists of a playing surface covered in thousands of tiny holes. When the dart enters one of these holes, the score is automatically recorded. Due to design limitations, the targets on the board are generally enlarged and this is thought to have helped the popularity of the game by making it less frustrating to the novice.

There are currently many models of electronic dartboards available for home use today. If you play in a league, or maybe are interested in joining one in the future, look for a regulation-sized 15.5” electronic dartboard. Also, look for extra-thin segment dividers as these allow for more holes in the target areas. If you are serious about improving your scores, look for a board with a dart averaging feature that will keep track of your performance. Also, look for handicapping options that can level the playing field when you have trouble trying to convince your friends to play against you.

The biggest difference in pricing for electronic dartboards comes from the number of options they offer, and the types of displays they have. All electronic dart boards offer multiple games, and variations of the games, so make sure the game you want to play is included. If you like to play a lot of cricket, many boards feature dedicated cricket scoring displays, but not all boards have the X/O style scoring you’d be used to chalking up on a regular board, so this is a great feature to keep an eye out for. Many electronic dartboards offer scoring for multiple players, generally up to 8 or 16, but will only display two scores at a time. If you regularly play in large groups, look for a board that can display at least four separate scores at any given time.

Electronic dartboards are no longer strictly the domain of soft-tip darts. There are now quite a few models that will also accept the use of steel-tip darts. These are very similar to bristle boards, but with the added bonus of automatic scoring. Although the technology is constantly improving on these boards, they do have a tendency to wear out more quickly than the soft-tip versions due to the constant abuse from heavier steel-tip darts.

Viper 850 and Arachnid 900 are the best choices overall, while pros would benefit more from a Gran Board 3. There are also budget options such as the lightweight Arachnid Bullshooter and Viper Orion.

Before we head on to the reviews, check out this comparison table to know how the electronic dartboards on this list compare to each other.



The Best Electronic Dartboards review

Professional electronic dartboards have some distinct quality differences from regular boards. It is much easier to identify them based on characteristics such as surface quality, modes, noise reduction, better display, etc. Here are some best electronic dartboards of 2021. Let’s find out why these dartboards are the best.

Best electronic dartboard for professional

Viper 850 is the most complete package among all the electronic dart boards in this list. It has almost everything one might need to start playing like a pro and comes with a ton of features. 

The board boasts one of the best visually appealing displays made with the latest LCD technology. It has two clear backlit cricket displays, as well as a center display for specific games. It also has a cyber player mode with five difficulty modes.

Its smart and tough build allows it to handle even the heaviest darts with ease. Its feature locking technology makes darts unable to bounce out once they hit the segments.

The board has two clear backlit cricket displays, as well as a center display for specific games. It also has a cyber player mode with five difficulty modes. You can compete with an AI player to hone your skills and improve your accuracy.

The board has a wide catch ring as well as thin wiring to ensure maximum play space  for improve scoring and easier play. It has built-in dart storage for easily organizing and storing the darts. A proline tape is included in the box that helps you measure the distance for the throw line.

The Viper 850 has 25 special game modes including balloons, bowling, and golf mode to add a fun twist for beginners. The included darts are all perfectly proportioned, weighing 16.6 grams each.



Best electronic dartboard for professional  

Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 is one of the most well-rounded dartboards for professionals. It has an amazing on-screen scoreboard as well as a smooth interface. The playable game list is fairly high, and it has been going through a constant update cycle. I like its overall performance quite a bit.

It comes with 6 pieces of basic darts, and numerous replacement heads. The electronic dart board has a vivid display that shows the scores of four people at the same time and it follows the Regulation Size Target Area measurement of 15.5 inches. The segment dividers are extremely thin, so you are going to get less bounce-outs. 

It is suitable for both professional and casual games. And you have a huge pool of 48 game modes to choose from. You can also set single-in, double-in modes freely during gameplay. To top it off, it also has a heckler mode to spice things up.

This Arachnid board has a dimension of 21 x 2 x 29, which is huge by any standard. It has a voiced score announcer as well as a player handicap, sleep, and reset mode. They also add a capacitor, mounting hardware, and replacement darts to the package.



Best electronic dartboard for home use 

DARTSLIVE 200S is a balanced electronic dart board for intermediate to professional-level players. It is a worthy successor of the DARTSLIVE 100S, which took the market by storm back in the day. This dartboard has a lot of useful features and overall top-tier performance. 

The best feature of DARTSLIVE 200S is the board surface. The stick segment technology makes sticking darts easier than ever. It has bladed dividers, which is a segment wiring technique that offers the absolute best performance. The dividers are as thin as blades, so you won’t hit them with a dart even if lady luck forsakes you.

It is a dartboard for people who want to improve their skills. There are quite a few features on this set that aims to help a player hone their overall performance. The app introduces exclusive “challenge mode”, which has original games designed to improve dart skills.

It works as a practice tool as well as a tournament stage with its intense online multiplayer. DARTSLIVE 200S has a 15.5” scoring platform, as well as five anchors. It weighs 3.68 kilograms, and it is made of high-quality PVC.



Best electronic dartboard for online play


Gran Board 3 is one of the best electronic dart boards on the market. It supports a massive number of game formats as well as smooth software interaction. Most professionals can play with it without feeling shackled. It lacks a few accessories, but you can compare it to a top-tier professional dartboard once you get those.

This board goes well with light darts because of its delicate design. You could use heavy darts too, but the performance would not be as good. You can integrate it with your smartphone and receive updates from the developers. They regularly add new game modes into the mode pool and fix known issues. 

It is perfect for serious dart players who like to train with friends. You can easily connect your phone app to the board with Bluetooth and play with other players. Bluetooth 4.0 is the main requirement for online gameplay. It is compatible with Android OS V4.3 or later and iOS.

It comes with a vibrant LED display for showing the scores as well. Its vibrant colors not only make viewing the scores easier but also adds a bit of unique aesthetics to the room. 

Gran Board 3 is one of the quietest dartboards on the market. It does not have too many bells and whistles but offers solid performance.

One of its unique features is an acoustic absorbent material of the board that reduces noise. It runs on 2 AA batteries and runs from anywhere. 



It is made from high-quality materials that place it at par with tournament grade electronic dart boards. The board’s surface holds the darts firmly so you need not worry about the darts falling off.

Unfortunately, the maximum number of players allowed to play a game using this board is limited to 8. The Arachnid 800, however, makes up for that limitation by offering players up to 39 games with over 170 variations to choose from. For many, the Arachnid 800’s selling point is its outstanding optional 3 level heckler feature which allows for interactive play.

The lower part of the Arachnid 800’s body houses the display screen which keeps all the players updated. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the multiple control buttons found on the Viper 800. The two buttons to the left of the LCD screen are sufficient for controlling the board.



Best electronic dartboard under 60$

Arachnid Cricket Pro is a versatile electronic dart board with a lot of helpful features. It is a standard-sized board with a vivid backlit LCD scoring display with 5 different color combinations. The surface is perfect for heavy darts due to its sturdy build.

Arachnid 450 comes with 6 soft-tip darts. These PVC and rubber darts are exceptionally heavy. Beginners should find it easier to use them because of the higher stability ratio. It has a heckler feature to allow players to switch in during an ongoing game. The whole set is dedicated to cricket games while also supporting 31 other game modes.

The board is a bit tougher than a regular board because it was originally made for heavy darts. You might see a lot of bounce-outs with lighter darts that are around 10 grams. The board works splendidly with darts close to 19 grams and has a higher hit ratio. This gameplay style is very compatible with all variations of cricket and shanghai. 

The heavy darts make a lot of sound with each strike, and the board’s toughness also adds to the noise level. It is an exceptionally loud board, so it isn’t suitable for people looking for quiet playtime.

Arachnid 450 can handle 31 different game modes, as well as 178 different variations. The 5-color score window can keep track of up to 4 players. It comes with two sets of darts; one set is heavier than the other. The heavy darts weigh around 16 grams.



The Rally & Roar Electronic Dart board has a little bit of everything. A high number of features, combined with top-tier material, ensures the versatility of this board. I would say it gives the biggest value for dartboards at this price range. 

This dartboard set comes with six soft-tip darts and 24 additional spare tips. The spare tips are there to act as insurance in the event you break one of the original darts. They are fairly easy to replace. I particularly like the voiced scoring system due to the smooth integration process.

This dartboard is a top pick for beginners because of its versatility. It supports 20 different game modes as well as 90 variations. R&R is slightly more dedicated towards cricket-related variations but works fantastic with most beginner-friendly games.

It is a 15.5” board with a wide bounce-out ring to stop errant darts. The electrical interface also has a clean display for the scoreboard. The R & R system supports up to eight individual players. It can also support up to two groups with four players in each. The score announcer’s voice is adjustable from the system menu. You can turn it off completely if you want.



The WIN.MAX is one of the most popular brands in the market. It comes with a clear LED display and supports up to four players simultaneously. The outer edge of the board is slightly elevated to act as a shield against darts that bounce out. That is an exceptionally useful feature because it keeps the walls safe.

The darts it comes with are ok in terms of quality. These are great for beginners. Being soft-tipped, they are also perfect for children because they aren’t as dangerous as sharp darts. But, if you are a Pro player, you might want to invest in a new set of darts. Try getting something that has a better weight to it and has sharp points.

The board has a top-quality interface as well as a voice announcer for the automatic score system. This set is perfect for people looking to play different types of dart games. It supports all types of crickets, shanghai, shove-a-penny, the nine-dart century, and many more types of game modes. Group games would be a lot of fun with this dartboard because it supports up to 2 teams of 8 players.

This set comes with twelve soft-tipped darts. The barrels are textured and has good dimensions to fit any grip. Its darts have precision-cut aluminum shafts and high-quality rubber rings for maximum balance and stability. The board surface is dotted square, so darts stick to it easily. The one drawback is the wiring around the board segments, which is a bit too thick for my liking.



The Viper 800 electronic dart board is a beast designed to provide strong performance. It has a regulation face size of 15.5 inches, which is standard for tournament play. It is made of tournament-quality thermal resin materials, ensuring durability and ensuring a smooth playing surface. One of its most impressive features is the dart storage pocket, which is large enough to hold two sets of darts.

Besides holding two sets of darts comfortably on both sides, Viper 800 electronic dart board allows up to 16 players at once to play 57 unique games to choose from. The dart catch ring prevents your wall from getting damaged.

Viper 800’s bottom half features a crystal clear bright LCD screen for displaying scores and statistics of the current game, so you won’t have to type manually like a bristle dartboard. This saves you the stress of manually writing down the information yourself on a scoreboard.

To the left of the LCD display screen are the control buttons. From this deck of buttons, you can easily control the game and the board as well.
It is also worth mentioning that the Viper 800 dartboard is equipped with Viper Laser beam technology. You can PROJECT throw and toe lines using this tool instead of conventional adhesive floor markers.



Arachnid Bullshooter is one of the most budget-friendly dartboards on the market. It is cheap enough for casual players to delve into the game. The dartboard set has excellent quality and supports up to 20 different game modes. I liked the fact that they added two dart sets with varying color compositions.

The pack includes six darts in total, three red and three black. It is a bit smaller than I would have liked, but the size does not affect the gameplay much. It is one of the few dartboards on this list with thin inner wiring. That feature prevents bounce out in case you end up hitting the divider instead of the score segments.

It is a soft-tip dartboard that is perfectly safe for children and beginners. It can support a full game between 8 people at a time, which is fairly high considering how cheap this set is. The board comes with dart slots and 16 replacements dart flights.

You can enable double-in, double-out features by selecting 301 game mode. It is fairly far down in the game list, so there’s a high chance of missing it if you are not actively looking. The board has a dedicated cricket score display, as well as a heckler feature. It also includes 65 variations along with the 21 original game modes.



Viper Orion is one of the cheapest dartboards among the professional ones. You could consider it a budget option for the pros. It is an extremely simple board with a rather crude outer design. But it boasts top-tier functionality even among all the dartboards on this list.

It has up to 31 games as well as a laser marker. The addition of the laser marker means you don’t need to buy separate throw line. Accurate software integration helps it stand out among its peers.

The board comes with a nice LED display. It supports both English and Spanish languages. The score segment has a protective layer to prevent bounce-outs.

The software of this board can handle up to eight players. There are also three blue and three red soft-tip darts included in the package. The board follows the regulations of the professional league and has a scoring area of 15.5”.



The Darts Connect Online Dartboard is one of the most durable boards on this list. It is a regulation-sized board with a lot of gameplay potential. The board allows you to connect to other players through the app. The interface is slightly clunky, but it gets the job done. 

It comes with a built-in camera for streaming games in real-time. Doubled layered EVA makes the board super quiet. This makes it great for playing darts day or night without bothering other people in your house. 

The wiring between the segment is a bit thicker than it has to be. That reduces the accuracy a bit, but the overall performance stays the same. One complete set of soft tip darts and mounting hardware completes the ensemble.

The approximate size of the scoring area is 15.5”, and the set of darts weigh around 16 grams each. The bull’s-eye is free of any wiring whatsoever. That reduces the chance of missing a bull’s-eye due to bounce-outs.



For many, the Fat Cat 727 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard is often regarded as a cheap electronic dartboard. In reality, it’s cheap, but that doesn’t make it any less than the other electronic dartboards.

Made from the finest materials although it isn’t tournament grade, the Fat Cat Dartboard is still a good piece. Unfortunately, however, it is totally battery powered by 2 AA batteries. This would definitely drill a hole in the pocket of the owner as he’d have to spend more on batteries than on the dartboard itself within a short while. Unlike the Viper 800 with a dart storage pouch, the Fat Cart 727 has none. Instead, what you get is a plastic carrying bag for your darts.

The playing surface measures just about 13 inches and is receptive to soft tip darts. The missed dart catch ring protects your wall from the darts.
Surprisingly, the Fat Cat 727 allows you to choose from a variety of games. It features about 18 games with 96 different options. The display screen is located just by the sides of the playing board, and just below it is a few control buttons.



Just like its distant cousin the Viper 800, the Viper 777  Electronic Dartboard is one of the best-selling electronic dartboards in the market today. It sports a 15.5-inch dartboard. The lower end of the dartboard houses the control buttons on one side and the bright LCD screen on the other end. This helps you select from a plethora of games and game options. The blue, red, and white color schemes make it look stylish, to say the least.

The Viper 777 features 43 games with 320 options to choose from and can accommodate a maximum number of 8 players. The dartboard playing surface is made to hold the soft tip darts firmly in place and there is a large missed dart ring that protects your wall.

The Viper 777 supports two languages: English and Spanish. Additionally, it comes with its own mounting hardware backed with a mounting instruction manual. For the Viper 777 Electronic dartboard to work, you can either power it via a power cable or insert just 3 AA batteries into it.



The Electronic Dartboard Buyers Guide:


The first thing you should check is the built-in LCD display. Make sure it is properly bright. The number and letter should be clearly visible from a good distance. Usually, you’ll see them coming with a single display. But better boards supporting more functionalities and game modes could come with multiple.

 Next comes the app. Some brands provide better support for the app than others. So, check out customer reviews on how well the app functions and whether or not the company provides regular updates.

Dartboard Wiring

It is always good to check the wiring when buying a dartboard. The wiring in this case is not the electrical wiring, rather the separator lining of each segment. Thick wiring between segments can brutally hamper your overall performance.

 Thick wiring takes up too much space, so you are likely to see more bounce-outs once a dart hits the wiring. NylonTough segments are a good choice to work around this issue. These dividers have a tough edge on the outside, so darts generally brush past them.

Board Surface

Checking the board surface is crucial when buying an electronic dartboard. These boards have tiny holes on the surface to catch darts more efficiently. Back in the day, they used circular holes, but later most manufacturers switched to square ones. The square holes reduce bounce out more effectively.

 The surface also determines the type of dart you need to use with the board. Most family-friendly electronic boards come with soft-tipped darts. These are less hazardous for children and generally don’t damage the wall and flooring.

 You could, however, use steel or tungsten darts with an electronic board if the surface is bristle tech. But I would advise against that type of board if you have kids at home. Some surface designs reduce the overall impact noise of the darts.

The number of users

Electronic dartboards can only support a limited number of people for each game. Some cheaper boards can barely manage to keep track of two people’s scores while more expensive ones can support 16 or more.

 Sure, you can keep track of the score manually, but that is too much work and kind of defeats the purpose of buying an electric board. Most variations of cricket are a two-man game, while ‘01-games can have an unlimited number of folks playing at the same time.  

So, might often need to play with more people during a family gathering or a party. That’s why I suggest getting a board that supports at least more than 4 to 8 people just to be on the safe side.

Supported Game Modes

Electronic dartboards usually come with a number of game modes. There are many game modes for darts such as cricket, cutthroat cricket, round-the-clock, ‘01 games, etc. Electronic boards have dedicated apps and interface for keeping scores in these games while regular bristle boards do not have that option.

 However, most electronic dartboards do not support all the available game modes due to software limitations. So, you need to buy a board that has your favorite game mode, otherwise, there is no point in getting an electric board in the first place. So, check if the board can keep the score in the desired format or not before buying.

Cyber play and online playing feature

It is important to note that not all electronic dartboards support online multiplayer. Many new users just assume that an electronic dartboard will allow online multiplayer, but that is not the case. They are generally more expensive than regular electronic dartboards. 

You can play with people in a different location as long as they have a suitable board, app, and internet connection. Some brands have their own app that doubles as a scoreboard and a gameplay recorder.


 Accessories are crucial aspects of a good dart set, especially if you are buying for the first time. Many boards often do not include things like darts, dart case, or an oche. Even if they do, the quality is generally much inferior compared to the board.

You might need to buy the appropriate accessories separately to get the best ones. I would suggest getting a decent set of darts on your first purchase. Good darts reduce bounce-outs and also improve with accuracy.  

Avoid cheap products

Unless you’re buying a toy, cheap products are never worth it. Electronic dartboards should last for years to come- so why would you want to buy something that won’t? They may seem like a good deal, but in the end, they’ll break and be useless. You also don’t get any of the features or quality benefits by going with a cheaper product.

The price range of an electronic dartboard can vary greatly depending on the features, brand, and how much you want to spend. If a lower-priced board meets your needs, then go for it! It’s not necessary to always get the most expensive one.

If you’re unsure about which board to buy, it may be a good idea to just go ahead and buy the brand product. There are many reputable brands such as Viper, Arachnid, Granboard, and others. When you buy a brand, you are assured that the board will be of high quality and perform well for what you need it to do.


Most frequent questions and answers

Electronic soft tip dart boards are the newest and most cost effective way to enjoy a game of darts! They use the sames physics as their metal counterparts, except they’re safer and more affordable.

That’s a difficult question to answer. Some people prefer electronic dart boards because they find them more interactive and gives better practice. Others prefer bristle dart boards for the lower price point and greater level of control and competitiveness. Which is best for you? Well, it depends on what type of player you are.

Electronic dartboards are safe for kids as long as they’re done in moderation. We recommend the soft tip ones because they won’t do as much damage to whatever you happen to be hitting. And we highly recommend keeping any kind of pointing device, including darts, away from younger kids until they are old enough to know how not point them at themselves or their friends.

The electronic dart board of your choice will depend largely on the style of darts, game selection, and features that you’re looking for. Electronic dartboards can typically cost between $20-$200 depending on which one you purchase.