Best laser oche – The coolest dart gadget ever

A casual dart player has been struggling and trying to cope with all sorts of physical methods to precisely locate his foot position for many years. It is common for people, myself included, to use dart mats, which are very easily torn down. As an alternative, tapes and stickers can save you some bucks, but they can potentially damage fine expensive flooring. That’s where a tiny laser projector shines most. A high-tech alternative to a dart mat or measurement sticker on the floor, Laser Oche projects a laser beam of throw line on the floor so you can place your feet there. The measurements are accurate. It is highly customizable since you can move the projector head back and forth to set up in any complex environment.

For now, most professional players won’t adapt to this technology. But, casual players like me or who want to impress friends or have modern tech in their man cave, would love it. 

I will recommend Viper Laser throw as the best option on the market, followed by Winmau Laser as the second-best option. I won’t recommend anything else.

The Best Laser Oche of 2022

01. Viper Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker

The things we like:

  • Easy to install
  • Cordless design
  • The light is bright and visible during daylight
  • 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Adjustable and can be positioned anywhere


Our first recommended product is the Viper Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker, which also currently stands as the best seller on the market. The Viper laser throw/toe line marker fits both steel and soft tip dart board, making it the perfect accessory for both casual and competitive players.


It possesses a maximum output of 5mW as well as a wavelength range from 650mm- 660mm. The lasers are class II  which are generally considered safe. The device is designed to be energy efficient and bright enough to play outdoors during daylight hours. In addition, this device operates on 4 AA batteries, so there is no need to plug it in to enjoy it.


Viper Laser Throw Installs quickly and easily on the wall- just mount it once and you’re good to go. In the case of a complex set-up, the line can be adjusted by moving the projector head backward so that you can get the right measurements. The machine can be positioned anywhere at any vertical angle. Another feature that I really like is the fact that the laser pointer can be locked by simply tightening up the two front bolts and simply releasing them if you want to adjust the projector. Moreover, the product comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.

02. Hathaway Precision Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker

The things we like:

  • Easy to install
  • Built from durable ABS plastic
  • Built-in bubble level
  • UL-certified for 20,000 hours of play time
  • 180-day limited warranty


The Hathaway Precision Laser system is crafted from strong, durable ABS plastic and stands out as one of the best in the market in 2022. This device not only comes in a tri-circular design but can also be set up anywhere near the dartboard. For those who dig fascinating tech designs, this will make a great purchase.


The device holds a Built-in bubble level which ensures an even line for all players. Hathaway Precision Laser is powered by two AAA batteries (not included) that make it a portable and cordless device. The Throwline beam is fully adjustable, so it can be positioned at any angle or however much you need adding convenience and accuracy in use. Furthermore, the device is backed up by a 180-day limited warranty, so you can be confident in its functionality, making it a comparatively less risky purchase. It is certified for 20,000 hours of playtime (UL-certified) and is rated to last for that amount of time which is pretty decent against its average price in the market.


The setup of Hathaway Precision is pretty straightforward- you just need to mount the laser to a cabinet, backboard, wall, or whatever you have under the dartboard.  Once the laser line is mounted, you can measure out the distance and position it on your floor accordingly.

3. MD Sports 2 in 1 Laser Toe Line and Dartboard Light

The things we like about Viper Laser

  • Installation is easy
  • stunning design
  • Bright enough to use indoor or outdoor
  • Additional lighting for the dartboard


The laser oche manufactured by the MD Sports seller has a very cool design which is preferred by most gamers much like an asus router or laptop. To me, it is an all-arounder. With one single device, the device projects a laser oche on the floor while at the same time illuminating the dartboard with the two LED lights.

Features and personal insight:

A unique feature of this device is that it’s extremely easy to install and doesn’t require any installation guides like the previous picks. Additionally, It has two independent led lights to brighten up the board, but the quality won’t be as good as professional dartboard lights. The laser projector is quite bright so you can see it in any environment, even in harsh daylight. The device runs on 3AA batteries, but due to extra dart board lights, it drains the battery faster than usual lasers.

In spite of that, I don’t recommend this product as it has some pretty major setbacks compared to the other devices discussed. The battery drains faster and the additional dartboard light is more like a gimmick than something adding value or practical use.  As compared to the Winmau or Viper brands, the quality of the MD sports laser is not as great and can be questionable.

4. Winmau Laser Darts Oche

The things we like about Viper Laser

  • Easy to install
  • Solid built quality
  • Laser beam adjustable
  • Portable and long-lasting battery life
  • 30-day limited warranty


Our next pick is the Winmau Laser Darts Oche. This laser looks sturdy, compact, and high-tech, and why wouldn’t it be? Winmau is a top tier brand known for its innovative darts and gaming  accessories.

Features, specs and usage:

Winmau Laser Darts Oche is quite simple to use and easy to  install. It can be attached quite easily to the cabinet or the backboard.  The laser beam produced by this product is relatively brighter and you can see it well in daylight or dimly lit areas allowing you to use it anytime of day.  The laser head can be adjusted to any vertical for your desired level of distance.

The device has a switch button at the top that is in the colour red and is quite visible. Furthermore, you can mount the device on either side of the dartboard.  It is very important that a laser projection be stable when playing for long periods of time and Wimau definitely delivers on this front, standing out in quality terms. The Winmau laser oche is powered by three AAA batteries. If you use it carefully, shutting it down after playing and keeping it from getting damaged by any means, the batteries will last a very long time.

5. Accudart Lazer Toe Line:

Overview and personal insight:

The final entry on our list is Accudart Lazer Toe Line. I am not impressed with what the product has to offer. But since there are only a few laser oche suppliers in the market for dartboard accessories, it makes the list by default. As I explained earlier, the device may not seem bright enough for players who dig for perfection, and it will dim after a short time of use as complained by most people in the reviews. Also, don’t expect a good performance outdoors as it’s already not great on the whole brightness and contrast aspect.

Features and usage:

The Accudart Lazer Toe Line uses 3 AA batteries, but there are no energy-efficient features to extend its lifespan. Since the company did not publish its full specifications, I am unable to give you the laser specifications and any certificates. Almost anyone can easily mount the device by reading the setup instructions. However, some users experience that it must be mounted very tightly or else it feels wobbly and requires modification to work.

Is it a good decision to invest in a Laser Oche?

Deciding on this matter would require considering the two ways to play the game of darts: Either we need a dart mat, or we need a measuring tape. Both have some drawbacks, as mentioned above. Sometimes there isn’t enough room for them and tapes look ugly in my opinion. So is it worth investing in a laser oche? Well it all really comes down to personal preference and your budget boundaries.

I think that the laser is definitely worth the price. The prices can be similar to a dart mat or can even go lower than that. However, if you’re looking for something solid and durable, then the dart mat is your best option considering how fragile small devices can be. One little fall or snap and it’s done for.

Here are the advantages over other alternatives:

Futuristic design:
If you are a techie and want to impress your guests, a laser device will do nicely. It looks stunning and will make any game room look more advanced and impressive.

Portability and mobility:

The most important feature of the device is its portability. You can take it with you anywhere, for instance, at a  friend’s house or to a friendly competition. With a dartboard cabinet, you can simply close the door to hide it to give a more authentically amazing look.

Net and clean set-up:

A laser oche provides an easy, neat, and clean set-up unlike a dart mat or stickers. Most laser oches are battery powered, so there is no need to add a cord, which most people dislike.


Here are some things to look for in a laser oche:

Quality of laser:

Your primal objective would be to have a laser oche that provides digital projection, which most laser oches on our list will provide to some extent. However, the most important thing to look for is the  colour contrast and sharpness in a laser. The brightness of the laser is also one important factor to consider as that is what determines visibility more deeply. Ensure that it is bright enough to play darts in a regular room condition. Apart from that, it should also have enough brightness to play in daylight conditions. The thing I don’t like about these devices is the durability. It has a potential for reducing laser brightness over time because of its nature.



Another important factor to look for is the product’s ability to be mounted. Be sure to check the packaging to see if the product comes with the necessary accessories for mounting. What kind of size is best suited to your set-up; vertical or horizontal? Is the laser head adjustable and can it be tightened or loosened according to varying preferences? Answering all these will bring you closer to the product best suited for you.   


Power source

There are many laser oches with the battery-powered feature, which makes them portable and convenient to move from one place to another. Consider something such as whether the device has any battery saving modes, or if it has any certifications that ensure that the battery will last as long as possible, it should be easy to decide.


Most frequent questions and answers

Lasers that are used in these devices are not strong and considered safe. However, you have to be cautious and avoid direct contact with the laser. In perspective, wear eyeglasses that protect you from the harmful rays of laser.

Viper Laser Oche is one of the few products on our list with the quality and features a best digital oche should have and it’s a personal favorite too.  Additionally, Viper is quite reputed as they are known for making high-end electronic dart boards, and you will also receive 90 days of warranty. 


This covers the whole list and a short buying guide that should be enough to assist you in making your decision more efficient when considering the purchase of a digital oche. Kindly comment if you have any recommendations, thoughts or concerns with the products and the discussion above as I’d like to include the information in the article as an awareness.