Choosing the Perfect Darts – Tips to buy the right set of darts

Buying your first set of darts can seem to be a really simple task. You might just think of going to a nearby shop, buy the best set available there and that’s it. But in reality, it is not really that simple. Buying the first set of darts can be really daunting. There are a lot of things that will require consideration on your way to buying the first set of darts. How to choose a dart is a real-time question. Here is hence, a simple and quick guide that will help you to choose the right dart for you:

In the game of darts, there are mainly three types of tips that are available and you will require choosing one from amongst, the soft tip, the steel tip, or the hard tip.

While the steel or hard tip dart is costly to replace but can be sharpened, the soft tip darts are those that are used in the modern times which are easily maintainable. But at the end of the day, the choice depends on the board that you will require playing on.


The barrel is responsible for maintaining the grip of the dart. Therefore, while you buy a barrel for your dart ensure that it feels comfortable to hold and grip. This is the best way to buy a barrel. A barrel is made up of various kinds of material like copper, nickel, silver, etc., the tungsten seems to be the most favourite of renowned dart players. The barrels with tungsten alloys can have better strength and grip and leaves a better scoring chance. Although as a beginner, the brass barrel can be the best choice.


The shaft is responsible for maintaining a good distance between the flight and the barrel. Just like the barrel, shafts are also made of various material, with titanium being the best option.


The most important part of a dart is the colorful parts that you will find, the flights. They help in maintaining the stability of the fly of the dart. There are numerous options that you will find choose the one that best suits you, just remember, to use the same flights for all three shots.

Weight of the dart

What gram should I use for a perfect shot? If this is your question, then remember that a heavier dart is easier to throw. The shot taken by a heavier dart can be relaxed and more comfortable while, a lighter dart requires putting in more strength. Steel tip darts are hence heavier and a better choice for beginners while the soft tip darts are better for more seasoned players.

Other than these, the balance of the dart, the grip, and many other things are there that can regulate your game but while you buy these are the most important things to consider.

A more detailed look at the dart flight

Although choosing the shape of a dart light does not really affect the game and is generally based on the personal choice. While a standard shape flight is for someone who throws a curve shot, a slimmer shaped flight is for someone is can throw straighter. Here is a quick view at the different shapes of the flight available:

  • Standard
  • Kite
  • Teardrop
  • Slim
  • Lantern
  • No6 shape

The flight can also be of different weights:

  • 75 micron- suitable for beginners and for amateur playing
  • 100 micron- the most popular one, generally stronger than the 75 micron ones.
  • 150 micron- a strong one with more durability
  • Plastic moulded- these are the best dart flights available. it helps in keeping the dart at the right angle position, enhancing a shot.

The different types of locks and rings:

  • Standard rings
  • Champagne rings
  • Shell lock

You can also use a dart protector on the lights of the dart to give it a better and longer life. It keeps away the flight from quick wear and tears.

The ideal dart weight

The weight of the dart depends on how you wish to throw a dart. While a heavier dart is easier and more relaxing to throw, a lighter dart requires a more powerful throw. Darts weigh between 12 to 50 grams. Although players using darts heavier than 30 grams is hard to find. Your throwing speed will determine the right choice of dart weight for you. Another thing to remember is that the position of the weight on the barrel will also affect a shot. While some are heavier at the front, others are heavier at the back. Try a few shots to know your level of comfort before you buy.