Keeping your Games Room Tidy with a DartBoard Cabinet

A dartboard cabinet is a great addition to any game room, and provides the most attractive way to keep your game organized. While a dart backboard might be adequate for some, dartboard cabinets are much more aesthetically pleasing. They offer a place to store your darts and paraphernalia, as well as doors that cover the dartboard when not in use, and can really add the finishing touch to your game room.

Dartboard cabinets come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, but most will fit a standard bristle dartboard with no problem. There are a few types of dartboards, you must ensure the cabinet is large enough to accommodate your dartboard as the dimensions of say, an electronic dartboard, can exceed those of a bristle dartboard.

If you are mounting a bristle dartboard in the cabinet, look for a cabinet that also features scoreboards on the backs of the doors. Also, if you use steel-tip darts, look for a cabinet that has felt backing as this will help hide any holes caused by errant darts that hit the inside of the cabinet.

Storage is another feature to keep in mind when looking for a dartboard cabinet. Most darts cabinets will offer a rack to store your darts, but keep an eye out for cabinets that feature a storage compartment to keep all your bits and pieces neat and tidy.

Most dartboard cabinets are of the wall-mounted type, but you will also find freestanding “arcade” style cabinets. These pieces of furniture not only hold your dartboard, but their size provides ample storage, making them a perfect drinks cabinet.

Dartboard cabinets are generally constructed from wood or wood composites. This means there is a large selection of finishes available from light pines to deep mahoganies, so finding one to match the décor should not be a problem. If you have a themed bar/game room at home, you will also be able to find dartboard cabinets that feature logos for popular beers, sports teams, Harley-Davidson, and even John Deere.

Pricing can vary on dartboard cabinets and chances are, you will get what you pay for. Look for a good, sturdy construction, or a cabinet made of solid wood, and be sure to look out for things like heavy-duty hinges that will add to the cabinet’s durability. A dartboard cabinet should last a long time, so it’s always worth paying a little more to ensure you get a well-constructed one.