Unicorn Dart Boards

Those who know their darts know the name Unicorn is practically synonymous with darts.

Started back in 1937, Unicorn has been at the forefront of darts innovation. They were the first manufacturer to market sets of darts in threes. Bizarrely, darts had only been sold singly prior to that. This ploy ensured that players ended up throwing darts of the same weight and style to make throwing much more accurate.

Unicorn’s other innovations include selling darts classed by weight, the first commercially available tungsten alloy darts, the first one-piece plastic flights, and the first company to sponsor a dart player. Unicorn continues to be at the forefront of darts innovation and is the official dartboard supplier to the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). As their logo boasts, Unicorn truly is the big name in darts.


A full range of Unicorn dart boards that consists of bristle and coiled paper boards to electronic boards for both steel-tip and soft-tip darts is available.

At the top end of the Unicorn dartboard lineup is the Unicorn Eclipse Pro, a championship-quality bristle dartboard that is currently used for all PDC tournaments. This dartboard is completely staple -free and offers a wiring system that is 30% thinner than conventional round-wire boards.

The Eclipse Pro is available as a trainer board as well, which has much narrower doubles and triples, and a smaller bull. The idea of this is to tighten up your throwing accuracy, so it’s definitely not recommend for casual game play.


The Unicorn Radius dartboard is another tournament-quality bristle dartboard endorsed by the PDC. This dartboard features much thinner-than-standard radial wires that allow for wider double and triple sections. The increased playing area is meant to help increase your score.

For beginners and casual dart players, Unicorn has a few choices. The Unicorn Striker dartboard is a competition-quality bristle dartboard with slim wire fasteners and a staple-free bullseye. The Unicorn Core bristle dartboard is a medium-duty board with standard round-wire construction. Rounding out the selection is the XL 18, a double-sided board.

If digital is your thing, then there is a number of Unicorn electronic dart boards available. The Unicorn bristle dartboards are designed for use with regular steel-tip darts.

Unicorn also offers a couple of electronic dartboards designed for use with soft-tip darts. All electronic dartboards are suitable for up to eight players and feature automatic scoring for a number of games.


Unicorn made its name with darts, and they have a more than the impressive lineup. Unicorn darts range from simple brass construction to 90% tungsten alloy, as well as an extensive selection of soft-tip darts. This allows for a wide range of weights and barrels shapes to fit your throwing style. Unicorn has professional-quality darts, signature darts of some of the biggest names in the sport, as well as licensed themed sets of darts. Unicorn’s product offerings also cover everything else a dart player could need. They offer a wide range of flights, shafts, replacement tips, dartboard cabinetsdartboard backboards,  dart cases, mats, and just about every other accessory you can think of.